Welcome to my E-Portfolio. This portfolio features a small representative sample of work from my six semesters as a library student and decade-plus career in educational publishing. Included are bits of research and writing, presentation materials, and digital products created with Web 2.0 tools. I’ve also included a blogroll, linking to some weblogs that best fuel and satisfy my professional curiosity.

Please also visit my blog, the Go Librarians, where I think out loud about library science subjects, as well as topics in education, literacy, marketing, and social media. Always inquisitive, I ask a lot of questions and attempt to facilitate productive conversation.

This E-Portfolio is a work in progress and will grow as I grow, reflecting an expanding body of work and experience. Please have a look around and contact me with questions. My links and contact info are listed on the Résumé page. Cheers.


I own copyright of all material in this portfolio.