My primary interests lie in staff and project management, programming and instruction, outreach and partnering. I want to implement programs and services that facilitate literacy, creativity, and empowerment, while creating a hyperlocal library.

I’ve worked for the last decade-plus as an editor and writer on award-winning mass-market educational text programs and magazines, such as National Geographic and Time for Kids. I like to say my work has afforded me a second education in K–12 curricula, making me especially useful both at the reference desk and to my own school bound kids.

I’m versed in social media and hyperlocality, and how the two can be used to create brand ubiquity, connecting the library, its patrons, and partners to materials and services and to each other.

The blogroll on my Home page consists of some of our profession’s most diligent and effective veteran and emerging voices. I listen and learn every day and contribute to global LIS conversations in the blogosphere, as well as on my own LIS blog and in social media forums like LinkedIn and Twitter. My professional network has been among the most rewarding elements of my travels in publishing and libraries, and I’ve come to rely on these people in many ways.