Library patrons of all ages now take part daily in the creation of shared digital content of all types. As they’ve always done, librarians have adapted. Librarians are no longer merely curators. We are facilitators, educators, and creators, whether designing new spaces and facilities, compiling LibGuides, or brainstorming programs for Poetry Week. We participate in social media forums and use our skills as information stewards to educate. We help users strengthen their skills with software and cloud applications. We use the Internet to teach and to facilitate discussion. We build our own websites and digital collections. We use multimedia instruments to create and help students and patrons to do the same.

I’m currently working on a series of instructional screencasts and programs on public profiles and Internet privacy. In the meantime, this page features some random products I’ve created and made available for librarians, patrons, and students.

The Harlem Renaissance: A Guide from the Valley Public Library

  • As a study in humanities reference sources, I created this website to help students, professionals, and adult information seekers get better acquainted with the people, works, and modes of thought that symbolize the Harlem Renaissance, a principal era in American culture. On this site, users can view images and videos featuring the primary people of the renaissance and to learn more about renaissance-related events and programming at the fictional Valley Library.

Reference Tutorial: Photography

  • This is a web tutorial created to assist university students and professionals in the field of photography. On this website, researchers will find print and electronic resources to assist the acquisition of photography-related information. Google Sites aren’t the prettiest things on the web, but they are functional.

Renewable Energy Pathfinder

  • With surging gas prices and a grim economy, citizens are hearing more and more about renewable energy resources as a means to decrease our independence on foreign oil and create new jobs. This pathfinder was designed to help patrons of the Chicago Public Library learn more about these resources and how they may change our lives and our world.

Onsite Repair Lab Manual

  • This manual details a suggested plan for instituting an in-house library preservation and conservation lab. Included are floor plans, capital and operating expenditures, equipment and tools, and a manual to rebinding.

StupidSmart Records Website Temporarily unavailable

  • This is a website created entirely in XHTML and CSS. The site features a variety of contextual and stylistic elements, including tables, padding and font requirements, and forms.